For those that do not like housework

For those that do not like housework
For those that do not like housework

Lifesaver Lists provides free lists for you to print out and use everyday to organize personal details and household tasks. This site acts as your personal organizer and household organizer! Personal organization has never been easier. Lists to organize small daily tasks and large holidays and celebrations like Halloween and Christmas! Never scribble down a list again! Add to these lists as you discover items unique to your household and personal needs. There is a list here for virtually everything you encounter daily, including personal lists, list tips, groceries, a car safety kit, kitchen necessities, celebrations, livingrooms, health, recipes and more. If you don’t see a list here that you might need, and would like one created, please contact us and we’ll do our very best to make a list for you. We are constantly adding more lists so check back with us often!

Here’s one of our top “list tips”: after printing out your list, place it in a plastic sleeve and use a dry-erase marker to check off items from the list as necessary. When finished using your list, simply wipe the sleeve clean with a tissue and the list is instantly reuseable!
The Organizer Lady – Flight Plan for Fledglings
If possible, grab some fruit or a power bar to eat during the morning break. Drink water throughout the day.

You will be fine until lunch, and beyond.
It was a hard week trying to get adjusted to the new earlier school schedule. My daughter is finding that she has very different energy requirements. While the other kids are eating french fries and chocolate shakes for lunch, she is eating a turkey and cheese sandwich, by choice. I’m so proud!

I’m finishing up a new ebook on eating styles of the thin and sexy, 🙂
but since many of you might be going through the same power drain dilemma, I thought I would share some tips on power eating with you today. For those of you in the US, have a great long weekend. The official end of summer blast- At lunch, top choice is turkey and cheese on wheat and some fruit. If that’s not avialable, have a salad with chicken and cheese, like a cobb salad, or a chicken ceasar salad, and a piece of bread. Drink lots of water.

You’ll run circles around the rest of them! Yes, I hear all you “no carb” people screaming. Carbs are energy. If you have high energy requirements, you must have carbs. We all need carbs. You just have to be smart about the carbs you eat, and when you eat them. You can learn more about it when the book comes out!

Besides, Atkins Died.

Disclaimer- If you are already a diabetic, please follow your doctors guidelines. You want to get out of this mess. Here’s how to begin.First, set your Yahoo setting to receive the one email sent on your screen every day. The problem is not the house; it is the way you live in xxx videos the house. Without realizing it, you have developed ways of thinking, feeling, and living that have step-by-step created the condition of the home you see around you.

The purpose of this program is to start you on a new way of living. Little by little, you will change those unconscious destructive habits to conscious productive ones. Later, the productive habits will become automatic. One day you will look around your house and wonder who waved the magic wand. The answer will be, “You did.” In Messies Anonymous we have consistently said over the last twenty years, “As you change, the house will change.”

Every day you will receive one email from The Organizer Lady. It will contain reminders of things to do for that day. You will challenge old ways of thinking and feeling. You will get encouragement to get up and get going. You will find out how to get the family enthused. Once a week you will receive a reminder to help you with scheduling.

Do as much as you can for each email, then delete it at the end of the day no matter how much or little you have done. A new one will arrive the next day. Like manna. Don’t even think about holding it over to get caught up. Just go “One day at a time.” Each day starts new. In some time zones where the email arrives late, you may need to schedule the email for the next day.